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Facebook Contests are the marketers dream in 2015

Running contests on Facebook is widely accepted as being one of the most effective ways to engage and grow your audience, while also collecting tons of email leads at the same time.

  • engage

    Engage your audience

  • brand-awareness

    Build brand awareness

  • email-subscribers

    Collect email subscribers

  • exposure

    Get (much) more exposure

300,000+ Collected Email Leads And Counting…

Within months of starting, our clients have collected well over 300,000 email leads using ZoSocial, mainly thanks to the organic spread of their contests on Facebook.

Let’s have a look what our customers have to say about ZoSocial:

Nick Fielding
Nick Fielding

My first contest using Zosocial closed last night. It's been pretty successful in generating leads - over 1,500 added to GetResponse.

Norbert Shabo
Norbert Shabo

I am at 177 leads now with $10 spent. I have 4 days left from the campaign so I'm confident I'll get to 500 leads before it's finished (not to mention my fan page growth). Awesome!

Joan Orr
Joan Orr

I have been testing a giveaway contest using Zosocial vs a similar contest I ran using a tab-based giveaway app. The ZoSocial contest is getting more engagement and much bigger reach through FB. Running a contest right on the timeline does make a lot more sense and the results I am seeing do bear this out.

Timo Rausch
Timo Rausch

My fanbase was 2, 202 when I started. Now after 17 hours, OVER 100% reach...crazy...

Timo Rausch
Timo Rausch

Over 75% fanbase reached after 6.5 hours...., still counting. Awesome. Can't realize what happens here.

Faruk Barber
Faruk Barber

WOW that's just amazing. That's taking engagement to whole new level. Thanks Wilco

Run contests and sweepstakes on your Facebook Pages

By running contests & sweepstakes on your pages will get much higher reach when Facebook sees the interactions, likes, and engagement in your page. You WON’T be running these contests on a 3rd party app, which means contests will work on the web as well as on mobile devices!

Boost your page & engagement

By running your contests and sweepstakes on your Facebook Page, you’ll be building up a larger fan base, as well as a much higher engagement. The more interactive your fans are on your pages, the more posts they’ll see in the future!

Build up your list

The real power of running contests & sweepstakes is to build up a targeted email list for your business – as that’s one of the most valuable assets your business has.

Go viral.. for real this time!

How often do you hear that something “will go viral”? However, users need to go through all sorts of loops before the contest is being shared.

Not with ZoSocial. The contests and sweepstakes are happening on your Facebook Page itself, so going viral is just one click away!

100% Mobile Proof

ZoSocial is 100% mobile proof. Your fans can join the contest right from within their Facebook App – the exact same way as any other fan would join!

Automatic Email Triggers

Not only does ZoSocial connect to all auto-responders, you can even set up automated emails right from ZoSocial. As soon as the winner is selected, they’ll be informed by email with all the info they need. That’s what we call a hands-off approach!

Easily manage contests

The dashboard is really straight forward and easy to use, you’ll be running contests in no time. You can even schedule your promotions with our drag-and-drop calendar!

Oversee your campaigns’ performances

Running successful contests is one thing, improving them is next. Using ZoSocial you’ll have all your campaigns’ performances in one place – so you know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

  • icon-unlimited-campaigns Run unlimited campaigns in one ZoSocial account
    You can have unlimited amount of campaigns running for as many Facebook fan pages you own (or for clients), right from your dashboard.
  • icon-unlimitedControl unlimited fan pages from one account
    There’s no ceiling to how many pages you can manage through the dashboard. Work with as many as you want.
  • icon-scheduledSchedule future contests
    With the built-in calendar, drag and drop posts on any date, and watch it post on autopilot.
  • icon-pick-winnersAutomatically pick winners
    Forget about manually checking each entry on your contest and let the software pick the winners for you based on specific parameters you’ve already set up.
  • icon-engagementBuild engagement and establish relationships
    Use contests and sweepstakes to build your pages’ reach and increase your influence with your fans.
  • icon-measure Measure campaign performance
    Track and analyze the impact of every campaign.

4 Different Kinds Of Contests You Can Run With ZoSocial


Sweepstakes are perfect if you want to make it as easy as possible for your audience to join! Let them join by liking & commenting, and let ZoSocial pick a winner at random automatically. Yes – it’s easy!

Trivia Contests

Let your audience truly engage with your brand or business by asking a specific question. Only those who will give the correct answer will have a chance to win (and of course, 100% automated).

Caption Contests

If you ever ran a caption contest, then you know how viral it can go. ZoSocial will automatically reward the most “liked” comment on your post – so you can run automated caption-contests.

Photo Contests

Want to use your fans’ creativity in order to go viral? Run a photo contest and let your fans’ most viral picture on your page win the contest (or pick the winner manually, if you prefer that).

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